The past couple of years was not the year for amusement parks. The COVID pandemic and many bumps on the road have made their journey a rollercoaster ride. But recently, amusement parks have added some fantastic rides that have shot them to a new high. The mind-blowing sales at Disney’s parks confirm that, and we can see how they have crept into the itinerary of all tourists worldwide.

Across the world, we can see the rise of a new form of theme park that is faster and more extreme than what you have experienced. So, get on board to know the latest theme park rides that will blow your minds.

theme park rides

Time Traveller

Time Traveller, located in the Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, is the tallest, steepest, and fastest full-circuit spinning roller coaster worldwide. Unlike the other coaster rides where you ascend before starting with the drop, the ride begins with a 100-foot steep descent that will wrench your guts. After this, the rides will go through three inversions, a vertical loop, and two launches. What makes it more thrilling is that you will go through all these turns and drops, all while spinning in the roller coaster cars. So, if you are an enthusiast of coaster rides, then you would love this coaster ride.

Mardi Grass handover

Have you ever thought of riding on the world’s largest loop coaster? If yes, you should head to Six Flags Great America, Chicago, and try the ride of Mardi Grass Hangover. This 100 feet theme park will send the riders on a huge 360-degree loop front and back that will make your adrenaline rush. You will start to laugh and cry at the same time when suspended at the top. What makes it bearable is that you will be able to see your friend’s face throughout the journey because of the face-off style seats.

Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster

Are you a comic book or a roller coaster enthusiast? Then this Harley Quinn crazy Coaster located in the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, California, inspired by the villainous DC book comic character of the same name, is a treat for you. The world’s first dueling looping coaster will take the rides to a mindboggling ride in a vertical 60-feet figure-eat circuit many times. But what makes it more freighting is that it will take the riders in separate trains that will meet each other in the middle of the ride, making the rides feel like they will collide.

Crazy Coaster

Whitecap Racer

If you are visiting Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, in the summer, make sure to cool yourself with Whitecap Racer, an excellent mat racing ride that can help you relax in the scorching heat. The ride is more than 480 feet long and is the world’s longest mat racing slide. From the point of 70 feet up, the ride allows six people to race simultaneously. So, get ready to go for 360 degrees in two loop tunnels and see who comes first in the race. Learn about the wonderful rides that can make you insane and plan your theme park trip accordingly.

Amazing New Theme Park Rides

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