Playing games is a great way to know a person easily and build relationships with them. Playing games with your circle fosters teamwork, relieves stress, and generates a sense of competition and oneness among team members. Whether you are having fun with your family or getting to know a potential partner, mini golf games are an excellent choice. The great thing about mini golf is that you don’t have to play it traditionally according to set rules and criteria. You can improvise your game as you go, as long as it doesn’t damage the golf course. Here are some of the ways you can add a little more challenge to the mini golf games:

Handicap Your Best Players:

When you play with your family or friends, a few people are generally slightly better than everybody else at the game. The skilled players and their teams have an unfair advantage. To add a fun twist to the game, you can temporarily handicap them. Blindfolding or only letting them play with their non-dominant hand are two different ways in which you can add more challenge to your mini golf game. You can also set a new rule where everybody has to play with their non-dominant hand. These extra challenges add fun and excitement to the game.

Use Players as New Obstacles:

mini golf game.

Another great challenge to introduce into your mini golf game is to use players to form new obstacles. Or better yet, ask them to be moving obstacles. Let them choose where to stand on the golf course, block your ball or open a new pathway.

Raise the Challenge:

You can raise the challenge in your mini golf game by dividing your group into different teams. You can also attempt to score by turning around to face backward and putting the ball through the space between your legs. Attempting to score by just using your hands is another way to raise the challenge in your mini golf game. Playing with a different style than you are used to is always a great way to raise the bar and add excitement to the game. Another fun way to add a challenge is to change the number of pars required to score.

Spice it Up with Dice:

You can also spice up the mini golf game by using dice. Roll a set of dice to determine the par you require for a hole. The number of points on the dice will be the number of strokes a player needs to be considered a score. Using a pair of dice is another way to add some handicap to your group’s expert mini golf players. This is a great way to add some challenges to the game while playing with players of different age groups and skill levels.

Mini Golf Games and Challenges That Will Make Your Next Round More Exciting

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