Kids of today’s generation are glued to their electronic gadgets all day. They are not learning the valuable lessons of creativity, perseverance, or teamwork obtained through play. Parents who do not want to raise a generation of iPad kids might attempt to do it by scheduling every second of their child’s life. Children of today’s generation move from one class to the next, one activity to another, exactly as their parents planned for them. This approach isn’t the healthiest either. Children should be allowed to simply ‘be’ and learn to explore the world on their own. Studies confirm that boredom fosters creativity, healthy self-esteem, and original thinking. Parks are great places to provide recreation for children without breaking the bank. Take advantage of the nearest park in your area to plan a picnic or fun activity for the whole family. Here are some of the fun activities you can do at a park:


parks have hiking trails

Most parks have hiking trails for visitors to explore. These hiking trails can be utilized to take a walk or run. Walking a hiking trail with your little ones can be an exciting evening activity as parks often overlook scenic natural beauty. It can also be an excellent opportunity to learn about flora and fauna of a particular habitat. You can also engage your kids in fun activities such as bird watching or biking. If the particular park you visit allows dogs, you can bring along your fur friends for a fun evening out.


There is nothing better than packing a picnic and spending quality time with your family at the local park. Family members rarely get time to interact with each other, as both parents are busy with work and children with their schoolwork and social media. As such, families often lack the closeness that comes with quality time spent together. A weekend picnic is an apt activity to talk a little deeper and recapture the feeling of togetherness.

Scavenger Hunt:

Scavenger Hunts are a great way to explore a new place while having fun, and Parks are the best places to host them. Solving a mystery, going on an adventure, and finding treasures are every child’s dreams. These are the things that excite adults too. Parents can either set up a scavenger hunt by themselves or check whether the park you are visiting hosts them. Scavenger hunts are fun activities to foster teamwork and problem-solving skills in children.



Playing classic games is one of the common ways you can engage in the fun at the park. Most parks have wide open spaces; therefore, games like soccer, football, flying discs, kickball, etc. can be played easily. You can also play word games, tic-tac-toe, four squares, etc. The exciting part about playing games at the park is that other visitors will join in the game, which makes it even more fun. Many parks offer water activities, like swimming pools, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, boating, etc. Check whether the park hosts any social activities or carnivals during the holidays.

Family Fun Activities You Can Do at a Park

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