If your idea of a perfect holiday is enjoying a terrifying ride and getting your adrenaline high, it is time for you to enjoy some thrilling rides in an amusement park. The Space Mountain at Disney World and The Matterhorn at Disneyland were impressive when you were a kid, but unfortunately, a thrill seeker like you won’t be able to enjoy them anymore. It won’t make your knees faint and won’t give you the thrill that you are seeking. So instead, it is time for you to try rides with massive free-fall drops that will make you laugh and pray for your life.

Not everyone enjoys a rollercoaster, but if you are someone who loves them, this guide will help you find the next amusement park trip. So, delve into the article and find the rides that can make you feel thrilled, scared, and fun.


Fahrenheit Hersheypark Hershey, Pennsylvania

Fahrenheit Hersheypark Hershey opened in 2008, and the ride looks similar to the classic rollercoaster but edgier. These inverted vertical loops will take the rider 12 feet above the ground and plunge them down, making you pray for your life. Before you take the ride, you should remember that this 97-degree negative drop is one of the steepest in the U.S. If you feel relieved after the first drop, understand that it is just the beginning, and there are numerous gut-wrenching drops to come. There is a 107-foot inverted loop, an inverted corkscrew, many hills, and high-speed banked curves. So, get ready to explore the scariest ride in 85 seconds.

Colossus Thorpe Park Chertsey, Surrey, U.K.

The rollercoaster built in 2002 that is found in Britain’s theme park holds a record for the number of inversions it has, making it a scary ride. The riders will experience many flips through the double corkscrew, the cobra roll, and more.

Sky Scream Roller Coaster- Germany

This 150 feet high rollercoaster is located at Holiday Park, Germany. It has many scary flips and inversion that make you cry out for help. Since the ride consists of all the elements that can make your adrenaline high, this ride is often referred to as an all-rounder ride.

Big Shot

This 160 feet tower is located at the top of Stratosphere amusement park in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is thrilling because it is one of the highest amusement rides in terms of the overall elevation from the ground.

Sky Scream Roller Coaster

Nothing But net

If you are someone who wants to see death face to face, then Nothing But Net is the best option. This ride has no bungee, parachutes, or straps to save you from the 130-foot drop. You have only one safety net below. Located in Zero Gravity Park in Texas, the ride proves you wrong if you think nothing can be scarier than all the rides mentioned above.

Superman ride of steel-England

Considered the best rollercoaster ride in the world, the ride consists of a 63m lift hill and a 67m drop in 1.6 km of track. The ride’s virtual reality feature makes them more appealing.

If you feel that there is nothing more fun and exciting than the feeling of adrenaline running through your body and wind sweeping through your hair, then these rides are just for you.

Scariest Theme Park Rides You Will Ever See

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